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Socialism And Capitalism

In Canada, still arguably the best country in the world to live in, medicare is a branch of socialism, education is a branch of socialism, roads and bridges are a branch of socialism, the police and military is a branch of socialism and the government is a branch of socialism. All these things are tax payers dollars at work.

Canada has a capitalist culture, component or element to it as well. Many, it seems, view it as the component that pays all the bills.

There is perhaps no better example of a country where capitalism and socialism work together so effectively and efficiently than Canada. I believe that capitalism and socialism go hand in hand. They are essential to any properly functioning society. They are meant to work together and not against each other as is so often depicted by the media. The key to success is good balance and good cooperation. Too much of one or the other can cause great troubles even disaster. To maintain a good balance between socialism and capitalism it is essential to have good responsible government with good vision.

God, the spiritual inspirer of the Bible, tells us in it that we should give to the poor and take care of orphans and widows and that the growth of His government shall have no end. These are aspects of socialism.

The Bible also demands that a man should provide for his family and that he should invest wisely. These are aspects of capitalism.

I view capitalism and socialism as more like a husband and wife team on a family farm or in a family business or in just managing a marriage. The same basic principles apply to societies and to countries. Socialism and capitalism should be in partnership not in opposition.

2017 Jacques Gauvin