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Is This Far From The Truth? Or Is It Painfully Accurate?

The State Of Man

Western, once considered Christian, nations, for many decades or more, have been systematically kicking God and Jesus out of their jurisdictions. It seems that the people, led by their governments are fed up with religion telling them that each and every person is responsible for the death of Christ. It is unfathomable for many to consider future generations guilty of the murder of Jesus, unacceptable to accuse the unborn worthy of the death penalty for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, inexcusable to blame uneducated or unenlightened infants and children for the actions of the Roman Empire in the prosecution of Jesus, offensive to blame the innocent and the ignorant for the atrocities of the Jews toward Jesus and the apostles, and so God is getting kicked out of societies with ever increasing vigour.

Sure man is inherently sinful. But whose fault is that? Was it not God's responsibility to watch over Adam and Eve, His very own innocent, ignorant, gullible, naive, inexperienced and vulnerable children? Did God not know full well the evil, deceitful, devastating ways of Satan the Devil, how he had rendered the earth void and desolate and how he had tried to dethrone God himself? Why would He leave them unguarded, unattended and unwatched against such a formidable, experienced, cunning and powerful, spirit being. He must have known that Adam and Eve would fail to see the importance of the simple command not to eat of one specific fruit from one specific tree that looked so inconspicuous and harmless among so many other trees. How could they possibly know of the tremendous consequences of their rather innocent mistake?

God, and especially the church, is often seen by many as being far too sensitive to far too small and sometimes seemingly insignificant incidents. So many times people acting in the name of authority and even of the authority of God go ballistic over a flaw in someone's character, intelligence, mental ability, appearance, ability to understand or ability to execute. Having some knowledge and experience in this world and this life, surely God did not expect Adam and Eve or anyone for that matter to go through life without making a mistake in judgement? Apparently a mistake is indistinguishable from a sin in Christendom and is punishable by death. And so we are all sentenced to death.

If God's rule or law is that the breaking of the law, sin, is punishable by death then of course we all deserve to die. That is God's law. So what's the point? What's the point in God creating humans incapable of obeying and doing His every will and commandment, evidenced by every single sinful human who has ever lived, if we are all going to die?

Not only that but God has put a curse on those who reject Him. His enemies will rule over him. Keep your eyes on Islam and you will see what He means.

The Promise Of God

But people are dying from lack of knowledge. Many are blinded to the merciful nature of God. They do not see the whole of God's plan. There is a crucial other part to the plan. The plan of salvation, salvation from the death penalty. How is salvation possible? God has offered His only begotten Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God number two, as a perfect, unblemished, sinless sacrificial Lamb as payment in full for the penalty of the sins of every man, woman and child. Only a Creator God could fill this role.

Acceptance of this great gift from God is absolutely critical to salvation. The law of God has not changed and will not change, the penalty for transgression of the law is death. The penalty has been paid in full for those who believe God, accept the sacrifice of His Son, believe in Jesus, believe Jesus, obey Jesus, God number two, obey God the Father and do His commandments with their whole hearted continuous lifelong dedicated efforts. This requires a process called repentance. It requires the knowledge of God and His will through study of His word, prayer, fasting, action, obeying and initiating the process of transformation. It requires the will, the intent, to never sin again.

Who are we to criticise God and His way of doing things? We are unfinished works, clay in the Master Potter's hands. We are His flesh and blood children destined to be transformed and to become His spiritual children through the power of God through His holy spirit. We are only part way through a process that only our Creator God can truly control and execute. We must humble ourselves and remain humble knowing that we are always at His mercy, never fully without sin and worthy of death and knowing that God is fully capable of destroying fleshly life and spiritual life and also of creating and sustaining life in the flesh and life in the spirit.

God's only begotten Son was sacrificed, put to death, both flesh and spirit, then resurrected onto eternal life as the inheritor and joint establisher of the Kingdom of God and as King and Lord over that Kingdom with all the power and authority that God the Father could give Him. Jesus, having been God, having lived a sinless life and having been given eternal life, is the only one who is fully qualified to take on that leadership role and the only one to whom that position has been given. There is no other authority nor ever will be.


How can you become part of that Kingdom, the only future for man after this mortal life? Stop fighting against God, stop rebelling against God. Recognise His ultimate power and authority and plan and fall in line. Stop leading others astray and dictating to authorities and fighting against God in futility. Repent and humble yourself. Learn to trust in the Bible, the word of God, through careful and thoughtful study and belief paying attention to detail and to the personal nature of the Word. Become intimate with the Word and thereby develop a personal relationship with God the Father and with Jesus Christ His Son. Free yourself from the confines of the philosophy of death, the grip of manmade beliefs and the absence of the fullness of God and the knowledge of the Bible.

May God bless you in your efforts!

2017 Jacques Gauvin