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Holy Day Dates

Sabbath ~ 7th day of the week from sunset to sunset.
Passover ~ 14th day of 1st month, observed starting at the onset of the day. (for baptised members only)
1st Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread ~ 15th day of 1st month.
7th Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread ~ 21st day of 1st month.
Pentecost ~ on Sunday 50 days past the regular Sabbath during the F.o.U.B.
Feast of Trumpets ~ 1st day of 7th month.
Day of Atonement ~ 10th day of 7th month.
1st day of Feast of Tabernacles ~ 15th day of 7th month. (F.O.T. is a seven day Feast).
Last Great Day ~ 22nd day of 7th month.