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Culture Transformation Required

It seems that the world is increasingly being led by deplorable undesirables. One could easily blame God for this and call it a great injustice. But would it truly be an injustice? Does mankind not deserve the leaders it has, to a great extent, elected? True, many of the elected campaigned on false premises and false promises. Also true is that the electorate was misled, misinformed and misguided by agenda driven media. But are we not all free moral agents, able to reason on our own. Perhaps the Islamic world has an excuse being to a great extent oppressed and intimidated and not willing to stand up to their oppressors. But we here in the western world, do we not have the resources to research and to dig up truth and make smart choices?

Is there a reason for people to be so gullible, blind and ignorant? The masses are greatly deceived. The masses are very often wrong. Why? They have been entertaining themselves instead of educating themselves. They have been putting their faith in men and imaginations of men instead of in our Great Creators, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, YHVH of the Bible. They have God's Word, the Bible, at their disposal but they ignore it, refute it, abuse it, deny it, reject it, misinterpret it and basically anything but accept it. Is it any wonder that God stops protecting and guiding the masses? They refuse to be guided by God so they lose His protection and fall to the wiles of the Devil. Either way, the spirit world rules.

The west has been greatly blessed by God for many years but has increasingly been ungrateful. The consequence of this is that in recent years ungodly evil has been infiltrating and infesting like a potentially deadly cancer brought on by bad habits and an unchecked ancestral deteriorating pagan culture.

One can name the religions of the world and the various peoples of the world and show how and where they fall short on truth and reality, why they remain in spiritual darkness and why they continue incessantly and insistently in their erroneous ways but individually there is not a great deal that one can do about this other than to hope that a message, perhaps like this one, will go viral and awaken, alert or be effective in changing the masses. So far this prospect seems highly unlikely.

Speaking plainly, pagan worship leads to pagan nations. The west is kicking God out of their cultures and replacing Him with a pagan culture. It is compounding the error of rejecting God with the fatal error of accepting Islam at an alarming rate. The shocking massive migration is fast destroying everything our forefathers worked and fought for. As the Bible warns, sin when it is fully grown brings on death. Immorality and death are fast infesting our nations. If you think Islam is moral you know nothing about Islam.

Can things get turned around sufficiently to appease our Creators? There seem to be efforts to stop the onslaught of our nations afoot with Trump, Le Pen, Wider and a few others, but will it be enough? Can they also succeed to turn hearts to God and to righteousness and to adherence to truth? It has never been done before and there are great signs that God has given up on the masses. There is a little hope but there is also a great deal of work to be done. Does the long silent majority exist? Will it awaken? Will it be sufficient? To those with hope in the one true God there is only one solution, try and never give up. We must change our direction from the path of destruction to the path of salvation. A culture transformation is required. All our lives and our descendants lives are at stake.

Seek and you shall find truth if you truly desire it from your heart. Ask God and you shall receive. A good start is UCG.org, United Church of God. I am an active member only. Culture transformation begins with you.

Share if you believe. Many other things have been tried in the past, why not try this?

2017 Jacques Gauvin