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Religion Aims

Religion aims not to attain peace on earth.
Religion aims for you to attain the Kingdom of God.
The effect of this is inner peace.
Don't expect to be able to convert Muslims to Christianity.
Don't expect lovers of the carnal mind to accept morality.
Don't expect to turn world lovers into Bible scholars.
The world hates people like Jesus Christ and His Bible.
Islam is the forthright enemy of Christianity.
They will never co-exist in peace. This is reality.
The Pope is as deceiving as a Caliph or an Ayatollah.
Islam is its own worst enemy, it hates women.
Religion aims for you to get to know and love our Creators.
Religion aims to be at peace with and to love Their way.
The Kingdom of God is an eternity of justice and righteousness.
Pray that you will find it and enter it.

September 14, 2017