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O Shadow

O shadow my daylight companion
To you no doubt I am a champion
You follow me all day long
Wherever I go you stride along
You're always looking up to me
You make me feel strong and free
You never talk back
So I cut you some slack
When you take the lead
When my heart is in need
You mimic my every move
You react at the speed of light
You must think you really groove
But where are you at night
When the sun is out of sight
Where would you be without me
From us you will not be set free
And where would I be without the Sun
It is not there merely for fun
It is the giver and sustainer of life
It gives and sustains without strife
O shadow how I am like you
I cannot outdo the Sun
I can run till I'm blue
See the crops, the Sun won.

October 27, 2017