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Battle For Life

Life is a battle
Get passed the rattle and prattle
No matter what you choose
Some battle for good
Some battle good
Some battle for evil
Some battle evil
Some put up the good fight
Or their right to life they loose
Others for rights but not the right
Lust of the eyes is lucrative
Short lived and tentative
Lust of the flesh is profitable
But disease unpalatable
The pride of life is addictive
But conceit and arrogance repulsive
Many a vice provides gainful employment
Much of it approved by government
Videos casinos magazines
Create many lavish scenes
Few support truth, righteousness or justice
A prevailing culture turns to malice
God is being robbed of tithes
Erosion the result of passionate tides
Your tithes go to supporting evil
Paying the advocates of the Devil
And righteous counsel is rare
Some therefore drawn to despair
Wining the good battle leads to eternal life
An ideal existence free of strife
Winning the evil battle leads to eternal death
No thoughts no wealth no heartbeat no breath
The living will inherit life to the full
The dead know nothing, nothing at all
Repent and forget the ways of your past
Christ's forgiveness and reward will last
Overcome lowlife
Battle for life.

January 25, 2017