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Donald Trump Presidency, What To Expect

The stock market has been on a bull run for about 9 years. It is the second longest bull run in the history of the US stock markets. It is very likely to come crashing down during Donald Trump's presidency.

The world has been increasingly going through greater wars and world wars since the early 1900's. The next one will be the greatest in terms of devastation and the final one. It may start during Donald Trump's presidency.

The media will probably reach its peak of dishonesty and outright lying during the Trump administration but only because it may be the last US administration and the media will dissolve.

Corruption in government has been a long time steadily growing phenomenon that will probably peak in revelations during the Donald Trump presidency, primarily because a number of recent presidents have secretly excelled in corruption.

Donald Trump is probably going to go down as the best president the United States has ever had. But will he turn the hearts of the people toward God and consequently the heart of God toward the people? Or is he simply too little too late?

2017 Jacques Gauvin